90–90–90 and human resources for health

Thursday, 9 June

The 90-90-90 goal and human resources for health


Venue: Conference Room 3

This session will focus on leveraging the global push to achieve the 90–90–90 treatment target as well as accelerating progress towards robust human resources for health and sustainable development for all. In particular, the session will focus on the centrality of 90–90–90 for ending the AIDS epidemic as a public health threat and how the 90–90–90 agenda can accelerate efforts to build a sustainable health workforce and advance universal access to health services. Topics will include how HIV treatment scale-up can galvanize the recruitment, training and deployment of community health workers who can contribute to both the 90–90–90 treatment target and addressing other health priorities. Pertinent policy, logistical and human rights issues will be explored. In addition, this session will also reflect the discussions from the Addis Ababa ministerial meeting on 90–90–90 and sustainable health and aims to articulate the next steps and ways forward.

Focal point:  Badara Samb, sambb@unaids.org

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