Parliamentarians for ending AIDS by 2030

Tuesday, 7 June

Parliamentarians for ending AIDS by 2030


Venue:  UN Conference Room 11

Members of parliament are well placed to help expand access to HIV services. Where parliamentarians are effectively engaged in the AIDS response, they can provide critical leadership in realizing a new vision that makes the end of AIDS the reality for their people and their countries. This side event aims to provide legislators with a clear sense of the main lines of action that will emerge from the outcome document of the High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS as well as, to the extent possible, the underlying politics of the new global consensus on HIV. The event will also provide an opportunity for a dialogue between parliamentarians and other stakeholders on ways to bring together the available resources at the national level to end AIDS and identify key actions for parliaments to Fast-Track the AIDS response by 2020 and end AIDS by 2030.

Focal point:  Cheryl Bauerle,